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About Us

We question everything.

We seek answers.

We share everything.


Sorisan Publishing Company was found by Simsung Park in 2014. Simsung is a South Korean writer. She started off her career as a journalist, but has branched out into screenwriting, and eventually into writing children's books. On screen, she wrote 음치클리닉 (Eum-chi clinic or Tone-Deaf Clinic, 2012) that starred Ha-sun Park and Sang-hyun Yoon. She also wrote multiple children's books and eBooks, including Who Am I?, A Baby Whale's Teardrop, and Story of a Small Seed

Her stories depict unique main characters who search for their purpose and their self-identity. It's exciting to follow their journeys, but as you do, you will find yourself taking a moment to ask yourself the same question before you turn your page.

Sorisan literally means "sound mountain." It reflects our mission to hear from every perspective and share from every perspective.

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