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컬러링북 HERE (2018)
This book is a series of philosophic fairy tales that nurture thinking skills. Five poems and warm pictures meet in 'Where am I?', Bringing us into the wilderness and warm love. Thinking where I am, and painting the pictures that are comfortable and emotional, our minds will soon become calm. The delicate pictures that can be shared between adults and children will tell you the secret to love yourself to everyone who has met this book.
씨앗이야기 (2016)
엄마를 잃은 아기 씨앗이 엄마를 찾아요. 움직이는 땅과 백년나무님도 만나고요, 비의 몸님과 토끼엄마님도 만나지요. 불쌍한 아기 씨앗은 과연 엄마를 찾을 수 있을까요?
Story of a Small Seed (2016)
'Story of a Small Seed' asks the children the question they weren't asked before 'Who am I?' Everyone, even the children, has multiple identities depending on which social circles he(she) belongs in. Sometimes, you are a son or a daughter, sometimes a friend, sometimes a student or a guest so who really am I'? The little seed's new friends throw multiple possibilities. As you engage in the seed's journey, you will find yourself asking the same questions.
나는 누구일까요? (2014)
주인을 잃은 그릇이 여행을 떠났어요... 나의 주인은 누구일까요? 나는 누구일까요?
Who Am I? (2014)
A bowl without an owner goes on an adventure. Who is my owner? Who am I?
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